On baking classes...


"Sam made the rather intimidating process of baking bread easy to understand accessible. We learned many different techniques that provided enough of a springboard for us to go explore on our own and make the bread baking process what we wanted it to be individually."

— Jim, Philly


"Tell Sam that was the best bagel I ever had." 

—87 year-old New Yorker after a Northampton workshop


My 13 year old daughter and I took Sam’s bread baking class as a mother-daughter activity. We had no idea we would enjoy it so much and learn such interesting things about the science behind dough! Bread making (especially bagels!) has become something my daughter and I continue to bond over long after the last class." 

— Audrey, Philly


"I had such a great time learning in [the bread] class. [Sam was] a patient and very knowledgeable teacher who obviously cares about his subject and his students. I don't have room in my backyard for a stove but all the better...I get the smell of the bread you taught me to bake in my house!  Thanks for the memories and the bread!"

—Andrew, Philly




On Oven Builds...


"I watched Lenny and Sam build an outdoor oven at my sister's house in [Philly] in the Spring of 2017. My sister and her family use the oven all the time and love it. I was utterly impressed with the care they took to make it just right. Lenny and Sam are great at their craft and take a lot of pride in their work and were the kind of human beings that you want to be around. Really honorable guys who I would recommend." 

—Philly resident