We build ovens the way they have always been built.

For thousands of years, people have used mud and fire to cook grain into bread. As technologies advanced, people started firing clay into bricks, and some started building brick ovens which were more durable and more efficient than their clay counterparts.

We build both clay ovens and brick ovens. Both types will bake amazing bread, pizza, roasts, dried herbs, and whatever else your imagination allows. Read on or give us a call to learn more about the differences and discover which oven would be best for you.

A clay oven built as a workshop in Liberty, NY getting it’s final touches.

A clay oven built as a workshop in Liberty, NY getting it’s final touches.

A brick oven built at Everyday Farm in Gill, MA

A brick oven built at Everyday Farm in Gill, MA

When we build our Brick Ovens,

We look at your space, envision at your side, and then we design your oven with attention to beauty, efficiency, and functionality. A brick oven is more than an appliance. It is the focal point of a home. It is the way we create and share with community. It is fire and food.


Our designs marry old techniques with new material.

We stand on the shoulders of generations of masons who built with brick, stone, and lime mortar. Post-World War II construction techniques don’t offer many advantages to an oven builder, so we happily look to the older techniques that use have withstood the test of time and use more sustainable materials. The exception is insulation: modern insulation materials is incredibly efficient, so one firing will keep you baking, roasting, and drying for days.

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We are bakers, craftspeople, and community builders

Although there are other skilled masons that build ovens, there are few that also build oven communities. We know ovens inside and out: we bake in them week in and week out, we teach from them, and we party with them. When we design and build your oven, we can talk with you as a masons, as bakers, or as fellow organizers,. That means that we can be alongside you from design to build to your first pizza party and beyond. Visit our oven communities page to see how our business relies on community building for our continued social and financial success.

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When we build our Clay Ovens,

We bring you into the mud with us, and from dirt and fire we make bread. It is joyful, artistic, messy, and profound. Built as workshops, group projects, or programming for community centers, these ovens bring people together from the time the shovel hits the clay to the time the first bread is shared.


Clay is abundant, intuitive, and strong.

There’s a reason clay ovens are common across cultures: they are incredibly practical. Clay is the most abundant building material on the planet, and can be easily adapted to the needs of the builder. A tandoor in India looks different from the “horno” oven on the Zuni Reservation, yet at their core, the are the same: clay vessels fired with wood for baking.


You build your oven. We are there as your guide.

It’s hard work mixing mud, building layer by layer. But with a group of friends, with music playing, and the sun shining, we can build an oven in a day. Kids, adults, mud lovers, and skeptics—they all get involved once the oven walls start climbing. Nowadays, most building is professionalized. We want to share with you the amazing chance to build your own hearth, squeeze and slap and shape the clay. We do this because we love it, and we know you will too.

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Explore classes, weekend building intensives, and more

Communities build ovens, Ovens create community

Every Day Farm, Gill, MA

Every Day Farm, Gill, MA

Jewish Community of Amherst, Amherst, MA

Jewish Community of Amherst, Amherst, MA

Abundance Farm, Northampton, MA

Abundance Farm, Northampton, MA