We gather community around fire and food.

Daily life revolves around cooking and eating. When we build wood-fired ovens and teach how to bake bread, we are linking ourselves to traditions that are thousands of years old, from around the world.


With our Brick Ovens,

We look at your space, envision at your side, and then we design your oven with attention to beauty, efficiency, and functionality. A brick oven is more than an appliance. It is the focal point of a home. It is the way we create and share with community. It is fire and food. Learn more

Megan and clay oven.jpg

When we build Clay Ovens

We bring you into the mud with us, and from dirt and fire we make bread. It is joyful, artistic, messy, and profound. Built as workshops, group projects, or programming for community centers, these ovens bring people together from the time the shovel hits the clay to the time the first bread is shared. Learn more.


Meet Our Oven Communities

Upinngil Farm, Jackson Street School, Four Star Farms and so many more to come……