Guest Post: Photographer James F. James Conley Photographs our Clay Oven Build

A year ago, Lenny and I built a backyard clay oven for Ramesh and Frank. We didn't know them ahead of time, but by the end of the Spring we were sharing pizza, drinks, and Ramesh's delicious desserts. Frank is a photographer, and he wrote a blog piece about the opportunities one finds for story telling in one's backyard. Frank tells stories through pictures. We create stories through building ovens. We didn't know the ending of our story until we put the last coat of plaster on the oven, the kids helped fire it up,  the pizza came out sizzling, and we stayed out on the deck until the rain finally drove us inside. That ending sure tasted good. 

And who knows? Maybe there will be a sequel. 

Check out Frank's blog post here


FXT25166 (1).jpg
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