Five Reasons for Wood-Fired Baking


Baker’s dream. Pizza baked in 90 seconds. Half a dozen loaves that emerge crusty, amber, and dark. These are the thrills of baking in a wood fired oven. Whether you seek authenticity or simply follow your palate, you’ll be impressed with the bread and pizza these ovens produce. We can approximate the conditions of hearth ovens in our indoor appliances, but it’s easier to use the real thing.

Snowy clay oven mouth.jpg


Magic of fire. If you’ve ever sat around a campfire roasting smores, or snuggled up next to a woodstove, you know what I’m talking about. A wood fire doesn’t produce better heat than gas, nor does the wood smoke flavor pizza and bread. The power of wood fire is purely emotional. A wood fire is thrilling, mysterious, and captivating. When you use a wood-fired oven, you capture this thrill in baking experience.



Instant party. Once you’ve heated up your oven, you’ll be shoving everything you can fit through the doorway. Pizza, bread, rolls, chicken, vegetables, baked beans, beef jerky. You learn that you need to invite friends to help eat the feast that emerges. People will come, and that’s the way it has always been. In traditional communities all over the word, people gathered at communal ovens to cook and socialize. 




Create outdoor space. As an oven gathers people around it, you find that you have a whole new relationship to the space around your oven. You may start leaving chairs by the oven because you’re always sitting next to it. You may straighten the yard a bit so you can invite strangers and friends to see the oven.  Each family will shape their yard according to their own needs, but inevitably the oven will be at the center of their plans. 

Mom and Emma baking.jpg



Ovens are beautiful tools. Like a potter’s mug or a seamstress’s dress, the aesthetic beauty of an oven can’t be separated from its utility. With every bake, an oven proves it’s quality to the baker. The oven is beautiful to look at, and it is also trustworthy, inspiring, and memorable. You look out at the beauty every day.